Not everything since Bob Dylan’s poetry becomes a footnote one day

Bob Dylan tribute May 24 2021 watch live:

Today is Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday. Bob Dylan has written numerous, excellent songs. Songs that were played and performed by others before he became known for playing them.

Reportedly, in his younger years, Dylan was able to write a song in 14 minutes. And it was good. He also had famous poetry in his bookcase of i.a. the poet Dylan Thomas – from which it is believed he took the name, Dylan. For he was originally named Robert Zimmerman.

Bob was from a merchant family but branded himself as of a more humble day laborer lineage. That was before branding was so hip. Bob was far-sighted.

He visited the community-minded Woodie Guthrie at the hospital and learned his songs. When Dylan’s original songs like The Times are A-changing became a political tool, Dylan saw the consequences for a politically engaged artist and reportedly switched to country music with tracks like Lay Lady Lay.

I would not say that everything since Bob Dylan’s poetry becomes a footnote one day, as there are plenty of great poets who have inspired him. We can all still read and become more proficient even as songwriters – and as people in the art of living. Watch my contribution May 24 20.00 +0 Berlin #Bobdylan

Bob Dylan tribute May 24 2021 watch live:

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