Social inequality is pandemic!

The millionaires volunteering for higher taxes are urging governments on both sides of the Atlantic to increase taxes on the wealthiest….

Financial Times:
“Informal groups of multimillionaires in the US and Europe warn that the Covid-19 pandemic has created huge public debts and brutally deepened social inequalities that were already entrenched before the crisis struck….

The pandemic has starkly shown up the wealth differences between the haves and the have-nots. The total wealth of the world’s billionaires shot up from $8.04tn in March 2020 to $12.39tn last month — a 54 per cent rise, according to research by the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive American think-tank, using data from Forbes, Bloomberg, and Wealth-X.

Ft members read:

#Inequality – Danish rewriting services

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